Outbox Media Powerhouse Corp.
A Premier Events and Multimedia Production Company
Working with Burning Passion, 
Unceasing Dedication and
Limitless Diversity.

Events Management and Coordination

From Welcome! to See you soon!, From Hi! to Thank you!
We got you covered!

Radio and Video Production

Let's hit the bull's eye and get your message across!

Media Management

Let's build your brand together; we sow, you reap!

Talent Management

It's a YES! it's always a yes for our handful and much-coveted talents!

Welcome to Outbox Media Powerhouse Corp.!

Hi! I know you want to know more about this great awesome company.

So let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, (in 2006 to be exact) some ambitious (and gorgeous) Mass Communication Graduates took their leap to the world of Events and Multimedia Production (Tsk… tsk… Tsk…) Like any other newbies they struggled in the realm; they were encapsulated in a box of norms and rules (oh no!)  But these comprising geniuses wouldn’t allow themselves to be caged; they took their shears and broke open the box hindering them to be exceptional (Yes!)

Years passed; still, OutBox Media Powerhouse Corporation continuously defies the norm and breaks boxes. They always holds on to their promise of giving you the exhilarating feeling of taking something new out of the box or in todays’ word– unboxing. Unboxing of unique events you’ve always dreamed of. Giving you the raw feeling of excitement every time you open the door or cut the ribbon of your event, launch your ad and other services that you offer.

With the powerhouse cast, OBM surely can help you make your ordinary event extraordinary!

With OBM and their formula of Burning Passion. Unceasing Dedication. Limitless Diversity, it’s always an out- of- the- box happy ending!


Outbox Media Powerhouse

Passion, Dedication, Diversity. Outbox Media Powerhouse is one of the fastest growing events-organizing agency that brings the newest trends and freshest concepts into your corporate and personal events.